BAROQUE – a new collection of glass chandeliers

A new collection of glass chandeliers


A picturesque combination of colors, theatrical composition and sculptural concept. Imagine this scenic chandelier in your interior. Feel how the beautiful color of light surrounds you. Experience the way it fits into the space you create thanks to its unique form.

Female duo

This original chandelier was designed by the Polish architect and founder of the Gie El brand, Maria Rypuła in a duo with designer Paulina Miszczak. The designers were inspired by baroque art, which is characterized by theatrical and sculptural compositions, dynamism of forms and deep colors. With great sensitivity, they translated baroque ideas into the clear form of a contemporary chandelier.

BAROQUE collection

The modern BAROQUE series of chandeliers is a collection of glass lamp sets of various sizes and numbers of lampshades. All sets are characterized by hand-made manufacturing process of glass shades exclusively from Poland. The individual sets have been designed to fit into the various dimensions of the rooms. Dedicated to spaces such as dining rooms, lounges or staircases, as well as hotel and restaurant lobbies.

The contemporary BAROQUE chandelier was created by minding the details. The lampshades are suspended on a black cable in a textile braid. Thanks to the use of braid, the need for an additional cord was pointless. Luminaires are suspended in a safe way, by keeping very aesthetic form. Each of the hand-formed lampshades bear the Gie El logo, which proves sustainable production.

Light color

Gie El designers recommend the use of warm-colored light bulbs. The colors of the lampshades create a matching composition when chosing such color of light. Thanks to this combination, the glass acquires an attractive color tone, and the interior is wrapped in a pleasant aura. The power of the bulbs used affects the intensity of lighting, making the chandelier a decorative or main lighting function.

A chandelier tailored to your needs

The Gie El’s desire is to adjust the product to individual needs. Such product can be created according to one’s expectations. On individual request, we can change the number of lampshades, cable length, as well as the color of the string or even the size of the ceiling box itself.

The Polish Gie El brand is created by designers who have a visionary approach to interior design. The boutique character of lamps and chandeliers and their sculptural, emotional style are the trademarks of the brand. When reaching for our BAROQUE chandelier, you choose a unique product that fulfills your interior with a timeless design.


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