Steel bird placed in home space?

Steel lamp in popular, geometric style – who needs more?

Duo Bird is our latest propositon in our Bird collection. Because of geometric, traingle-like shape those lamps looks like flying birds. You can hang one piece or you can use couple of them to create outstanding composition. This is a perfect proposition for people who are looking for decorative lamps. Use them to highlight unique character of interior.

Extravagant classic

We love to think outside the box, so we “broke” the classic combination of black and white adding to them rust. So our lamps are still looking elegant, but rusted surface make them special. Rust is natural beauty, which looks extraordinary when you switch the light on. Then you can see them in their unique, orange-gold color.

Still a lamp or sculpture?

It is a perfect choice as a decorative lighting. Thanks to geometric, opened form diffuses the light in many directions. Hang low above coffee table or dinning table you’ll have nice lighted tabletop. At the same time will be geometric decoration. Those lamps are great addition to modern, minimalistic interiors. Duo Bird can be nice detail, which will broke monochromatic of interior.

What about… bedside lamp?

In standard all of our lamps have 1 m cable. But you can contact us and we adjust it to fits your needs. Thanks to longer cable you can hang Duo Bird above nightstand and you’ll have a great bedside lamp. Also you’ll save some space at your bedside table.

Two, two, two…

Duo Bird is, without a doubt, associated with “twos”. Two shapes and two colors. You’ll definitely find model which fits you. If you prefer something even bolder – you can choose Rust Bird. Yes, it’s whole covered in rust! For those who wants “classical-classic” we have black, white and steel Birds. You should check whole family – we have something nice for everyone.

Duo Bird lamp is our proposition to people who are looking for interesting design, products with a soul.

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