Gie El – a lighting brand with passion and vision

Gie El is a Polish lighting brand that has been delighting customers with original and unconventional designs for years. With a focus on bespoke chandeliers and unique forms, the brand has gained recognition among customers who seek modern, designer lighting.

One of the most characteristic products of the Gie El brand is the MIST lamp. It is a unique design created by a duo of designers – Maria and Jacek Rypułów. This lamp is a mesh with a dense weave, which is like fabric. This gives it a delicate and plastic character, and its subtle weave creates an attractive detail. The characteristic feature of the MIST lamp is the theatrical lighting of the mesh, which creates an amazing play of light and shadow.

Mesh as a light diffusing element

The MIST lamp is an artistic design that brings a great atmosphere and mood to the interior. It is a lamp that delicately hangs in space on thin chains, seeming to float in the air, resembling a cloud or a mist. The mesh is a great solution for diffusing light, which makes the light softly spread over its surface, and the reflected light reaches the interior of the room.

The modern sculpture lamp MIST is an original design that is produced on a small scale, making each copy unique and one-of-a-kind. The collection of lamps using woven mesh includes chandeliers of various shapes as well as a golden and silver color version. The gold mesh is a mixture of copper, zinc, and phosphorus, and the silver is a weave of thin stainless steel threads.

Brand offer – unique products with modern design

It is worth noting that the Gie El brand is not only about mesh lamps. Its offer includes many other unique products, including crystal chandeliers, industrial-style pendant lamps, and many more. All products of this brand combine thoughtful and modern design with attention to every detail.

By choosing Gie El lamps, you invest in unique products that bring modern design to your interior. It is a brand for people who value originality, design, and craftsmanship. Gie El products are not only lighting, but also art that creates a unique atmosphere and mood.