Gie El at the Warsaw Home design fair 2022

On October the 19-22 2022 the Warsaw Home design fair was held in Warsaw.

During those four days the Gie El stand was almost literally overgrown with light. The backbone of our light installation were two organic compositions.

The first, fleshy and organic, derived it’s idea from nature, resembling jungle-like lianas and consisted of steel chandeliers in rust and gold: HIVE, VLINE, PORTAL and FALL.

The latter consisted of myriad glass spheres, presenting the new BAROQUE Collection. It burst with earthy colors and beamed with soft light. Supported with textile braided wires, these glass lampshades are the hallmark of our brand.

We were glad to see visitors appreciate the work of our local manufacturing and see them attend the stand in such large numbers.

A trade show, such as this, is a good oppurtunity to take a moment and exchange our artistic views and professional opinions with architects and designers who work with Clients and interior spaces on a daily basis. It’s an intriguing experienece.

We always cherish the moments of joy on the visitors faces and we were particulartly happy to see the new Collection catch your interest.

The new collection is dedicated to large spaces, such as staircases, double-floor spaces, mezzanines, hotels or restaurant lobbies.

It is reassuring to know that such tailor-made products are, in fact, the ones you seek for your designs and projects. We can always shape and modify a particular model to your needs in terms of size and color. Tailor-made spaces deserve tailor-made products.

We encourage you to take a look at our current offer of modern cascading chandeliers and lamps for large spaces.