Welcome to the world of Gie El

Gie El Home is a manufacture of design.

Founded in 2012 by marriage Maria & Jacek Rypula, polish architects.
Contemporary brand focused on creating furniture, lighting and accessories for decoration of interiors. We search, design and discover beautiful items for the home and interiors, offering simple, original and timeless products and a well-tailored design.
We combine modern trends in home furnishing and the craft rooted in tradition. We draw the inspiration from nature, the surrounding world and the beauty of simple, everyday objects.

Name Gie El was taken from latin frase Genius Loci. It refers to a location’s distinctive atmosphere and a spirit of place that takes care of surrounding space, interiors, objects, making them being unique.

So now it’s 7 years of Gie El.
Time of moments.
Time of the beginning.
Time of creativity and hard work.
Time of meeting new people and working with wonderful craftsmen, designers and artisans of amazing skills.
Time when Gie El products were invited to houses, apartments, hotels and restaurants across the world.
Time of establishing ties.
Time of being familiar with our customers and their expectations.
Great time of joy, drinking coffee, making sketches and prototyping.
Time of growth and development.

Now we are here, in the 2019, looking boldly in the future. With heads full of many new ideas and plans for the future.
Thank you for being with us.

Maria and Jacek

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