How to illuminate your bathroom? Functional and modern style?

Bathrooms are most commonly interiors that are completely windowless. However, residing and performing hygienic or cosmetic activities requires precision and good lighting. So how can you ensure optimal artificial stream of light? By reaching for good lamps and designing the space with their application. We advise which fittings to choose and how to arrange them.

Ceiling lighting for the bathroom is sometimes not enough if you want to provide appropriate illumination of the space above the washbasin or bathtub. Along with the changing trends, also in this room one could observe adjustments like the replacement of one hanging lamp with several ones located above the mirror, washbasin and bathtub. Their placement should be considered in advance – already at the bathroom design stage. At that point, the electrical installation will be properly distributed, and there will be no worries about interfering with the plasterwork.

Therefore, when consulting your electrician, first determine where the bathroom lamps will be located. On the project, one must include:

  • one main source of light – it can be ceiling or zone lighting for the bathroom, e.g. in the form of several/a dozen of LEDs located on the ceiling, the voltage of which is 12V DC and can be safely used in rooms with high humidity,
  • extra lamps hanging above the washbasin,
  • spotlights or LED tapes around the mirror that doing makeup application or shaving your beard is convenient and accurate at any time of the day,
  • floor lamps, which are dedicated for spacious bathing rooms, decorated with attention to detail.

The combination of several light sources in a relatively small bathroom space is a perfect solution – energy-saving and mood-building. Dimmed lamps over the bathtub will create a pleasant atmosphere favorable for relaxation, while brighter plafonds or wall lamps will lighten the darkness in wall niches or over the mirrors. All bulbs should give 75W (for every 6m2). Too bright lightning could tire the eyesight, and too weak it could hinder hygienic and cosmetic activities.

Ceiling and floor lighting for the bathroom

A variety of light fixtures is a solution in the bathroom. The most commonly used are LED lamps and tapes, but those users looking for more designer solutions can pay attention to stylized, hand-made modern floor lamps. The ones from the collection of the Polish Gie El manufacture are distinguished by very good durability – resistant to moisture and changing temperatures. Like pendant lighting for a bathroom, they can be made, for example, of brass pipes connected in the shape of a pipeline topped with a bare bulb, or made of steel covered with natural rust.

When choosing the type of lamps, you can reach for fittings in a similar style, but with different mounting systems. You can also choose play of forms, colors, styles and products based on contrast. A standing lamp with a textile lampshade, together with dynamic hanging lighting for the bathroom consisting of broken sheet metal elements – what do you think of that? On this level, every designer has a lot of freedom in terms of interior design planning and selecting individual solutions.

Pendant lighting for your bathroom – what to choose?

When choosing pendant lighting for the bathroom, just like other light sources that you plan to place in this interior, you need to be guided not only by the design, but also by technical parameters. The space is usually compact, windowless and has limited ventilation. Hence, the furniture and accessories placed here may be at risk of moisture. Such destructive effect is nothing for modern copper or steel floor lamps that you may find in the Gie El offer.

Leak tight and robust pendant or standing lamps can be safely treated as the main or additional lighting for the bathroom. They fit perfectly in functional, modern interiors, where the light not only plays a functional role, but also visually separates the wet and dry zones and makes the care rituals more pleasant.

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