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Minimalism is simplicity based on functionality. The simplicity of this style emerges from the need to create utility objects whose ergonomics are of key importance. The form is its natural extension by following and complementing it. The simplicity of the shapes, the gentilesse of the lines, the discretion of geometry are the features that can illustrate this design style. The genesis of this style goes back to the 1960s, being a breakthrough that completely changed the approach to architecture, fine arts and design. A style that, by simplifying and reducing forms to plain solids and shapes, drew and highlighted what was most important in the design. By minding the function and message it followed the idea that less is more. The style that accompanies us at present with varying strength and intensity. Remodeled and adapted to the needs of the modern user, manifesting itself again and again in all artistic forms.

Gie El - pendant lamp design

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The HANA and TRIO pendant lamps were created guided by the spirit of simplicity. Shaped using triangles which flow from fascination with geometry and its possibilities. Simple sections, bent planes and transformation of geometry led to the creation of a series of lamps, including HANA and TRIO. Designed by architect Jacek Rypuła and designer Monika Pluta. Another products from the Gie El workshop that enrich the interior by introducing a designer style and fill them with pleasant light. All Gie El products are created by designers and from the very beginning, their creation is accompanied by design. Sensitivity and visionary ideas are forged into a fine product. An investment in design is a good step which bears fruit. The need to create beautiful and unconventional products is the driving force of our brand and the designers working on it.

Gie El - pendant lamp design

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We asked designer Jacek Rypuła about his observations and comments from work on the product.

“Together with Monika, we were thinking about how to transform ordinary piece of metal into a simple, beautiful form of a pending lamp. We reached for the basic figure, which is a triangle. It’s amazing how much you can achieve by choosing simple means of expression. The very basic. We followed this thought and consistently, step by step, forged it into the final product. The colors chosen for these lamps are a selection of timeless white and black. These have been present in the mainstream minimalism from the very start. Unique colors, whose charm is based on their timeless character. An important aspect worth mentioning here is that white or black does not mean undesigned. Such opinion can sometimes be found. A conscious designer reaches for the basic colors with full responsibility.”

Gie El pendant lamp

Pendant lamp TRIO white LGH0771

Pendant lamps as such are interior design elements that accompanies us every day. The need to surround ourselves with beauty is a quality that results from our human sensitivity. Each of us, to a greater or lesser extent, feels beauty and strives to create a friendly space. The ancient Romans called it Genius Loci – the protective spirit of the place. It is one of those moments when you are sitting on the terrace with a cup of tea or glass of wine, feeling harmony and inner peace. Everything is in its place. One would even say: let this moment last. Genius Loci is a concept known and appreciated worldwide. Connected with the way of thinking and design that results from the original and rooted need for beauty in each of us.

Restauracja - Gie El

Pendant lamp BIRD I black LGH0320, Brewery BLACKLASH BEER CO., Boston, USA

HANA and TRIO lamps are made of metal. Covered with base white and black colors, fitting the mainstream of minimalism and simplicity. A game of geometry and transformation of triangular planes are the result of designers’ thoughts and their response to the need to create a product with a simple stylistic line that encloses the beauty of form. A product whose functionality is supplemented by a simplified and reduced form. A common feature of these lamps is simplicity and elegance, which fits into the interiors of various styles. Another element which is characterized by minimalism. Its simplicity and streamlined style blend in with a variety of surroundings. A natural extension and complement of simple, geometric interiors. They complement spaces that do not emphasize the detail, acting on it very subtly, with taste and modesty. Suiting by means of contrast the richly decorated interiors. Once there, they harmonize and simplify, creating the right proportions.

Restauracja - Gie El

Pendant lamp BIRD II black LGH0310, Brewery BLACKLASH BEER CO., Boston, USA

The universal nature of this style is its strength. Reduced means of expression highlight the message and functionality of the product. Less may mean more. In a world of richness and splendor, in everyday life characterized by a huge amount of stimuli, including virtual ones, there is a tempting alternative of minimalism, peace and quiet, giving up on what is unnecessary. Let’s choose consciously and enjoy fine design.

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