Steel chandeliers

Sculptural forms of chandeliers made of steel elements

Steel is associated with solidity and austerity – that’s why the material works so well in room design, especially as a complement to minimalist and loft interiors with a light, modern look.

Gie El lamps are characterized by the variation of forms created by the steel elements, suspended from the soffit. When set in motion, they create countless dynamic compositions.

Varietes of size and shapes

All models available in two variants – brass or rusty.


HIVE Chandelier – An airy installation dressed in a well-tailored design.

Worldwide delivery


PLAIN Chandelier – Extraordinary in its simplicity.

FALL Chandelier – a composition that imitates accumulating water at the edge of a waterfall.

3D models

Custom made products

European production

TIDE Chandelier is the embodiment of the beauty of nature and the ephemeral of the moment.

Short production time

FINE Chandelier a petit composition that can enrich any space.