Simple way to create cozy atmosphere in the interior

Do you looking for lamp which will be giving much lights and be elegant at the same time?

Glass table lamps from Gie El will match your expectations. Model RAFAELLO is available in 6 different colors. 3 are half-transparent – turquoise, honey and olive. The other three are in pastel color palette – white, blue-green mix and black. RAFAELLO have white, textile lampshade. This combination gives much light so it’s good choice to smaller rooms. Thanks to its perfect craft, table lamp RAFAELLO is very elegant and should be also considered as a perfect decoration for classic interiors.

Make great impression

BEE are a little bigger than RAFAELLO. This model is available in 3 colors – honey, olive and turquoise. Thanks to its half-transparency, you can literally look through the glass. It can create spectacular effect in interios with big space. In contrast to RAFAELLO, table lamp BEE have beige, jute lampshade. BEE gives soft light reflections so it’s nice idea to use this model in a living room or in a hallway. In this way, you create cozy and very friendly atmosphere for both housemates and guests.

Your own set of table lamps

Both BEE and RAFAELLO looks exceptional in group. A large selection of colors allows to create really unique set of table lamps. Thanks to this, BEE and RAFAELLO could be used for interiors in different styles.

Perfect combination

When we were designing those table lamps, we wanted to combine traditional material and modern form. BEE and RAFAELLO do great job as a decoration. Rounded shapes, great colors palette and nice finishing in the form of a textile lampshade creates timeless product. It never bores you.

From Poland with love

Those lamps are hand-made in Poland, which is known from great traditions in glassmaking. Each lamp from Gie El is unique. Lamps are marked with Gie El stamp which is inspired by traditional wax sealing. In world full of plastic, glass table lamps are a breath of fresh air.

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