Our story

We are a boutique brand focused on design and unique craftsmanship. Our latest collections feature artistic lighting fixtures and chandeliers. We play with light, form, and diverse materials to create unique and decorative interior lighting with character. Our offerings include ready-to-install fixtures for high-ceilinged rooms as well as custom-made chandeliers.

The brand was founded in 2012 by Polish creators and architects Maria and Jacek Rypuła. The name Gie El derives from the ancient Genius Loci, the protective spirit of a place that brings emotions and builds an artistic context. The creative nature of the brand results in innovative projects and collaboration with the architect and designer community.

Our collections are manufactured entirely in Poland, which shortens the supply chain and enables sustainable production. We consciously refrain from Far Eastern import and mass production, focusing on original designs and local craftsmanship. We operate in the spirit of slow design, caring about building relationships and understanding the needs of our customers.

We like


The spirit of art is a timeless element that enriches and ennobles.


True, solid, that teaches humility and brings joy and satisfaction from a job well done.


Authentic creations and conscious design solutions that define everyday objects.


Raise the bar and unleash emotions. Mobilize for creative effort.


They are enclosed within each collection. They define it and permeate it. They connect design thought with creative material.


A network of relationships and understanding. Dialogue and support. A common goal that illuminates the path.

"Slow design is in our DNA".

Maria i Jacek. The architects who founded and run the Gie El brand.