the atmosphere of the hotel is created by light

BLOG The atmosphere of the hotel is created by light First impression You can make a good first impression only once. Entering the hotel, the guests absorb and perceive the aura of the surroundings with all their senses. Music is important, the smell is important, the sound of the floor, temperature and interior colors are […]

interview with Maria Rypuła, founder and CEO of Gie El

BLOG Interview with Maria Rypuła, founder and CEO of Gie El Hotel Suplier’s reporters sat down for an interview with Maria Rypula, Founder and CEO of Gie El, to discuss Gie El’s sculptural hotel lighting and chandeliers. Hotel Suppliers: Can you tell us about the history of Gie El? Maria Rypula: Gie El was established […]

MYSTERY collection

The chandeliers from the MYSTERY collection are a mesmerizing tale of light intermingling with unexpected materials: raw mountain crystals (GENIUS chandeliers) and irregular green glass (VERDE chandeliers). The stones used in these chandeliers emit a glow reminiscent of a starlit sky, creating an intriguing, frozen-in-air installation.

UNDER collection

The UNDER collection is designed to convey what lies beneath the water’s surface. Shades made of turquoise and clear glass filled with air bubbles in organic shapes, drifting in space like a water dance. The light penetrating through them creates reflections and streaks, bringing harmony and peace to the interiors.

ELEMENTS collection

ELEMENTS is a unique sculptural lighting collection that captures the fleeting nature of vegetation in a modern, raw rendition. Steel objects suspended on thin wires tell the story of falling leaves swirling in the wind.

BIRDS collection

The BIRDS collection encapsulates the rawness of steel within the geometry of broken planes. Modern BIRD lamps are like birds in flight, harmonious and dynamic at the same time. They evoke emotions and create a theater of light and shadow that takes place on the surface of the lamps and in the space in which they are placed.

MESH collection

The MESH collection is a visionary series of modern chandeliers composed of organic-shaped mesh, available in gold and silver versions. The distinctive, theatrical backlighting of the mesh creates an incredible interplay of light and shadow, subtly illuminating the room from within.

OCEAN collection

The OCEAN lighting collection evokes the depth and majesty of oceanic water. It is sculptural, impenetrable, and painterly. The air bubbles embedded in the turquoise glass add lightness to the composition, while small speckles create a unique story of ocean currents. Chandeliers and lamps from the OCEAN series beautifully diffuse light, creating picturesque reflections within the interior.

BUBBLES collection

The glass lamps and chandeliers from the BUBBLES collection capture the transience of moments thanks to the air bubbles embedded in them. They are like a warm, summer rain, a gentle sea breeze, or morning dew on soft grass. The bubbles absorb the bulb’s color and the spreading light, shimmering with golden reflections. With its transparent color, the BUBBLES lighting envelops the interior with its warmth and glow.

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