STARS collection

The STARS collection includes pendant lamps whose geometric form and gentle curves evoke associations with stars. Lamps from the STARS series are fond of precise details, purity of form and a kind of regularity. Thanks to the vivid colors, the collection will be a great complement to interiors that require distinctive accents.

SIMPLE collection

SIMPLE is a collection of glass pendant lamps with a minimalist form and interesting color shades. While designed with classic simplicity in mind, the collection is enriched by a wide range of colors and sizes. SIMPLE lamps subtly complement the interior style and, like a supporting actor, play a part in the beauty of the whole.

AVOCADO collection

The AVOCADO collection features hanging lamps with an incredibly subtle shape that unmistakably evokes the titular fruit. Delicate lines and distinctive form are the hallmarks of this collection. Lamps from the AVOCADO series beautifully illuminate interiors with an even, gentle light.

INDUSTRIAL collection

BLOG INDUSTRIAL collection unique industrial lighting The INDUSTRIAL lighting collection: raw style in a new light INDUSTRIAL lamps are a fusion of raw materials, simple form, and artisanal craftsmanship. The INDUSTRIAL lighting collection breaks stereotypes, deviating from conventional styles, and captivates with its boldness.   INDUSTRIAL lamps: modern design, traditional craftsmanship A common feature of all […]

SHINGLE collection

The SHINGLE lamp collection harnesses the potential of beautiful and natural material: wood. Lamps are made from traditionally crafted shingles, once used for roofing. Combined with light sources, shingles create a modern and unconventional composition for interiors with character, while at the same time referring to the tradition of architecture.

RAIN collection

The RAIN collection features lamps made from slate – a noble and beautiful material whose structure reveals the layers, the carvings and the ornamentation created by nature’s hand. The RAIN lamp compositions consist of elongated tiles floating in the air like rain streaks. The stone curtains limit the scattering of light to the sides, directing it downwards.

PASTELS collection

PASTELS is a fairytale-like collection of lamps and chandeliers created for those who dislike monotony and appreciate the energy of life. Picturesque colors, delicate forms, and the finesse of colored glass delight the eye during the day, casting a gentle, warm light at night.

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