Chandelier MIST gold 80 cm LGH1020

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Unique and artistic design. A lamp that floats in space like a cloud. A visionary composition of modern mesh with an organic, pliable and soft shape. A sculptural form of a modern chandelier created from a minimalist material of woven mesh.

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MIST - unique and artistic design

A lamp that floats in space like a cloud. A visionary composition of modern mesh with an organic, pliable and soft shape. A sculptural form of a modern chandelier created from a minimalist material of woven mesh.

The MIST lamp is a creation of the design duo Maria and Jacek Rypułów. "We were captivated by the beauty and versatility of woven mesh as a material. It has an incredible potential that gives designers the opportunity for creative work. We were fascinated by the way we could shape and work with this material. The characteristic element of the MIST lamp is its theatrical lighting of the mesh. The play of light and shadow is amazing in this product. The light emanates from within, softly spreading over the surface of the mesh, delicately illuminating the room."

MIST - chandelier that conveys emotions

The contemporary MIST lamp is characterized by its picturesque and sculptural character. It is a product that conveys emotions, whose task is to build the atmosphere and mood of the interior. The artistic lamp delicately suspended in space on thin strings, seems to float in space. The mesh is an excellent solution for diffusing light - because it is perforated, the light spreads softly over its surface, and reflected light reaches the interior of the room.

The modern sculpture lamp MIST is an original design created from thickly woven mesh. As a result, it is like fabric. The subtle weave creates an attractive detail, making it an uncommon material. The mesh is pliable and delicate, which allowed for the creation of a picturesque and ethereal design. The lamp is dedicated to boutique interiors, requiring special details and accents.

It is worth noting that these types of lamps are produced on a small scale, so each specimen is unique and one-of-a-kind. What brings them all together is the craftsmanship and passion of the creators, who put their hearts into what they do. The collection of lamps made of woven mesh consists of chandeliers in various shapes and in golden and silver color versions. The golden color scheme is made of copper, zinc, and phosphorus. The silver one is made of stainless steel threads.

Gie El is a Polish brand that emphasizes dedicated chandeliers and unique forms. The collection has a boutique character, strong design accent, and playful form, which are the brand's distinctive features. For years, Gie El has been creating lighting with interesting forms, which has become the brand's recognizable sign. By choosing unique lamps like MIST, you decide on an original product and introduce modern design into your interior.

Data sheet

Steel mesh
Width [cm]
Lenght [cm]
Height [cm]
Sling type
Ceiling rose material
Light source
LED stripe
Lighting source included
Yes, integrated with the luminaire
Voltage [V]
CE certificate
Due to the manual nature of the production, the dimensions, shape and colors of the product may slightly differ from those given on the website.

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Maria and Jacek Rypuła are the founders of the Gie El brand and the architectural firm Genius Loci Architekci.

They specialize in interior design, architecture, and design, and their projects are characterized by minimalism, elegance, and attention to detail. They are known for creating unique and personalized designs that perfectly meet the needs and preferences of their clients. 

Maria and Jacek are individuals who constantly develop their skills and seek new design solutions.

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