Unleash Your Inner Artistic Spirit with MESH Collection. Designed for those seeking functional art, this collection blends sculptural expressionism into organic forms and free-flowing compositions. These inspiring lamps are born from playful forms and fashion-forward inspiration.

Elements of the collection

How it was created

"It is said that form follows function. What we create as designers stems from the ergonomics and functionality of the product itself. Our latest MESH collection seems to defy this statement. We asked ourselves the question: what if we turned conventional wisdom on its head and stepped off the known path for a moment? We focused on form and allowed it to take center stage. Light played a secondary role. We reached a playful point where light remained in the shadows, albeit with a crucial but not primary role. The incredible play of light and shadows is thanks to the use of a material that plays the main role in this product. It is a pliable and unconventional material - a densely woven steel mesh in two finishes, gold and silver. The mesh resembles fabric used by tailors, and the associations with fashion are very strong. Simply haute couture in a design form."

Jacek Rypuła, designer and founder of the brand


Delicate. Decorative. Ambient and atmospheric.


Organic, morphic shape. Crumpled texture. A reference to tailoring materials.


Metal mesh, tightly woven made of stainless steel or bronze.

Adaptation to the project

Each lamp can be modified to fit a specific interior.

Details that matter.


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