January, the beginning of the year. The time when designers, architects and the world of interior design come to France in search of novelties and inspiration for the next season.

Once again we are part of this event. We present Gie El news, make contacts, talk about new projects in which we participate.

What attracts the attention of designers to our brand is the possibility of unique creations and creating products tailored to individual projects. Thanks to their original approach to lighting creations, designers introduce a story to their projects that enriches and becomes an added value. Thanks to this, the projects gain spirit and become unique. The uniqueness of solutions and communication at the project level is what designers from all over the world value.

Design in the heart of silesia

Gie El, at the invitation and in cooperation with 4DESIGNDAYS, created a picturesque design installation in Galeria Katowicka.

This event is connected with the design exhibition itself and the celebration of architecture, which takes place every year in Katowice's MCK and Spodek.

The rust installation designed and created by Gie El is a free interpretation of the modern ELEMENTS chandeliers, which evoke positive emotions, which are one of the most popular Gie El chandeliers. The poetic scenography and unusual design accent are intended to familiarize the inhabitants of Silesia with the concept of design and encourage them to explore its meaning.

Follow The Light is an idea that accompanied us when creating InstaPoint. Following the light that brings energy and awakens life leads to the final event which is 4DD. A light that guides you towards design and encourages you to deepen your knowledge in this topic.

The nature of the installation results directly from the way we create chandeliers and collections of modern lamps. We inseparably combine emotions and light. Our products are sculptures that stimulate reflection and introduce Genius Loci, the caring spirit of the place, into the interiors.

Maison&Objet 2023
Elizabeth Leriche

We were invited to present the white version of the PORTAL lamp as part of the WHAT'S NEW exhibition at the Maison & Objet in Paris. This year, the WHAT'S NEW section was held under the slogan IN THE AIR and was created by Elizabeth Leriche.
Take a deep breath ... inhale and exhale ... today's world needs to slow down and breathe more than ever. The ecological disaster is already a fact. Fresh air is a luxury. The Elizabet Leriche exhibition encourages reflection on sustainable living, housing and interior design.
Gie El, with his philosophy of selecting materials, creating lamps and chandeliers that evoke reflection and encourage contemplation, fits in with the themes of the exhibition. The PORTAL lamp made of metal, designed by Jacek Rypuła, was noticed and chosen to tell the story of a sustainable world of interior design.
Merci Paris


The name Gie El is derived from the ancient Genius Loci, which means the guardian spirit of a place.
We design and manufacture modern lamps and dedicated chandeliers in such a way that they evoke emotions, bring beauty and wrap in a soft, subtle light.
We treat lighting design as an art that is meant to stimulate and inspire. That's why our forms are not obvious and our references to nature are poetic.
Welcome to the world of Gie El.