Pendant lamp AVOCADO white LGH0651 / LGH0661

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Hanging lamp Avocado with organic shape. Its shape resembles an avocado half. The lamp is made of oak plywood, protected with a clear wax. In the wider part there is a cut out hole, which was covered with milky plexiglass. A strip of LEDs is mounted inside the lamp. The lamp gives a soft, diffused light that shines both up and down. In the upper part of the light warm color. In the bottom with a cooler shade. The lamp is suspended on three steel wires – two in the wider part and one on the other end. The links can be freely adjusted. In the narrower part, a colorless PVC cable was laid.

The Avocado lamp thanks to its modern form is best suited to minimalist and loft interiors. It looks beautiful against a concrete and brick wall. Ideally also blends with bright rooms. It can be an original addition to interiors decorated in the Scandinavian style. Avocado presents itself best hung over a dining table or a coffee table in the living room. It will also be an ideal addition to your office or home office. Suspended above the desk, it illuminates the entire surface of the tabletop. Thanks to this, your work will be more convenient. The lamp can also be used in the lobby or in the stairwell. Avocado looks great individually or in a group of several pieces. Thanks to their minimalistic design, they can also be used in commercial spaces – hotels, restaurants or offices.

The inspiration to create a series of Avocado lamps was, as the name suggests, the avocado. We liked the shape of the fruit cut in half. We decided to move its pear shape with a characteristic pit into the interior in the form of a lamp. The pulp has been replaced with oak plywood and the pit with a shining hole. We used LEDs for lighting. The whole lamp has been hung on steel cables, which can be freely adjusted. Thanks to this Avocado can be hung at different heights. Hang straight or at an angle. Depending on your vision.

Avocado series of lamps consists of two models of lamps – bigger and smaller. Each model is available in three versions – dark and light wood and rust. Lamps look great individually and in a group of several pieces. They are suitable for both home and commercial spaces.

If you liked the Avocado lamp, but you need it in a different size or color – write to us. We will try to create a lamp that you dream of!

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Technical Specification PDF LGH0661

HI-RES Photo LGH0661


3DS LGH0661

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