White steel chair on wooden base KNIGHT THRONE FST0421

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A chair, a true curiosity, a sculpture and a gem of design. A piece of furniture that you can not pass by indifferently. Eye-catching and emotional.

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A chair, a true curiosity, a sculpture and a gem of design. A piece of furniture that you can not pass by indifferently. Eye-catching and emotional. Dynamic, great-looking. A piece of furniture with character and unique silhouette. Designed by a Polish architect, Jacek Rypuła, who brings out the unparalleled sculptural character from his designs and furniture. In his projects he uses numerous references to nature and the surrounding landscape, using natural materials. Often, they are woven into his projects, combining them with modern materials and unconventional solutions. A perfect reflection of this style is the KNIGHT THRONE chair, which is a continuation and natural extension of the KNIGHT series.

The chair is distinguished by the style and unique geometry of the steel seat and back. Dynamic lines, clear divisions and bent steel sheets give it a special character that sets it apart from other furniture and chairs. The backrest surfaces broken against each other break the light beautifully. The sensitive eye will notice the reflections and game of light on their surface.

A metal seat rest, set on solid wood. This wooden block deliberately received a kind of raw appearance. Hand-waxed, has visible tree rings, small cracks and knots that have been deliberately left and exposed to emphasize the true nature of wood. The noble and timeless color in which the backrest is finished together with the seat fits perfectly with the natural wooden base. The color of the furniture is a classic, universal color, the one that does not have to compete for the title of being trendy.

This extraordinary piece of furniture is a form of usable sculpture that, thanks to the combination of bold stylistics and its function, pleases the eye, looks both representatively and phenomenally. In addition, it actually serves as a seat. The furniture has been designed to delight and complement the interior in which it is placed. A great addition wherever we need something spectacular and eye-catching. This is a chair to sit and watch. Undoubtedly one of a kind.

In addition, the back of the backrest was covered with rust, and then protected with a transparent, matt coating in order not to brittle and get soiled. The effect is phenomenal. The aesthetics of the furniture goes beyond any design line available on the market. Gem. This way of thinking is characteristic for designer Jacek Rypuła, who plays with form and cooperates with nature when creating a rust effect on interior furnishing products. This piece of furniture is given into the hands of nature at the right moment of the production process, which covers it with a rusty coating. Therefore, we can be sure that it is a natural texture, each unique, slightly different. It depends on the prevailing weather conditions, temperature and air humidity. Its beauty results from its natural character. We can boldly say that the product is painted by the hand of nature. With a rusty coating and its warm shade, it perfectly suits black.

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Due to the manual nature of the production, the dimensions, shape and colors of the product may slightly differ from those given on the website.


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