luxury from a Polish, family workshop

Gie El creators

We are architects and designers. We founded the Gie El brand with the aim of creating unique designs. We craft avant-garde chandeliers and lighting installations, infusing them with visions and sculptural forms. We seek beauty in imperfection and unconventional materials. Our workshop is situated in the natural and harmonious landscape of meadows, fields, and forests of a Silesian village. This place gives us energy and allows us to bring tailored-made solutions.

Maria & Jacek Rypuła

vision, craftsmanship, art

We ensure that our brand’s lighting has a soul. Therefore, not only the end result matters to us, but also the process of design and manufacturing process itself.

our products

  • avant-garde design
    We play with light, form and a variety of materials. We create original and decorative lighting for interiors with character.
  • natural materials
    We adore naturalness, which is why we use hand-blown glass, raw mountain crystals, wood, and metal in our products.
  • made in Poland
    Our lamps and chandeliers are entirely designed and manufactured in Poland by talented Polish craftsmen.
  • unique interior decor
    Each product that comes out of our studio is a small work of functional art – it brings a unique atmosphere to the interior.
  • functionality
    We design decorative lighting without compromising functionality, offering thoughtful design solutions that define everyday objects.


By choosing Gie El lamps and chandeliers, you opt for conscious design, sustainable production, and local craftsmanship. In our lighting, you’ll discover respect for humanity, ecology, and the pursuit of the beauty surrounding our world.

light carries emotions

Choosing the right lighting is of great importance. It creates ambiance and introduces a unique atmosphere into spaces. See how our lamps and chandeliers look inside interiors.
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