New collection - MESH

Modern lamps. Modern material.

A unique and artistic design. A lamp, floating in space like a cloud and a cloud. Visionary composition of modern mesh with organic, plastic and soft form. Sculptural form of modern chandelier formed from minimalist material of woven mesh.

Lamps created from emotions

Original vision

We are a brand with strong design roots. We create unique chandeliers and lamps full of emotion. We seek beauty and creative freedom. Our signature is artistic forms and futuristic compositions.

Handcrafted glass

Artistic creations. Blown glass.

We create glass lamps to capture emotions, time, and place. The craftsmanship and care put into each piece is unique and there are no two identical forms. Artistry in every detail.

Lamps Customized
to the Project

We create lamps, chandeliers, and compositions that are tailored to specific interiors and design requirements.

in Design

We advise on how to incorporate a lamp into the interior. We work with designers and their clients.

Unique Design

All designs are designed and crafted by us. You can be sure of an original product.


We work among the meadows and fields of the Polish landscape. From here, we fulfill orders around the world.

Minimalism of geometry

Chandeliers for high interiors.

Everything starts with a concept. Simplicity of detail and cohesive design thinking. Chandeliers that are a great addition to interiors with a unique character. Unique and one-of-a-kind. Details matter. We take care of them. For you.

Mountain crystal


Raw crystal chandeliers. Amazing material in its natural form.


Unique design. Yes, please.

If you are a Designer and create unique designs...

You're in the right place. Gie El is a design and manufacturing philosophy derived from the ancient genius loci, or caring spirit of place. We will surround you with care and support. We will create for you and your clients unique lighting compositions, phenomenal chandeliers and creations of incredible character.

We create lamps that are more than just functional objects. We combine products with emotions. Together with light, we introduce sculpture into interiors, creating a space for art and contemplation. We craft a story built on the beauty of simple materials and intriguing forms.

Maria & Jacek

designers and founders of Gie El

Our exhibitions

We make sure to stay in touch with you. Exhibitions and themed events are opportunities for us to meet, exchange ideas, and have inspiring conversations.