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Are you an architect or interior designer?

Gie El

We design and produce unique furniture, lighting and interior accessories. Our products are inspired by nature. Intriguing form and breathtaking use of materials, such as hand formed glass, best quality wood and bent steel.

Gie El presents to you furniture for loft bedrooms, industrial living rooms or functional offices. Our products stand out with an interesting form and timeless Polish design.

One of the most characteristic products from Gie El is Organique bed. The bed was awarded with “Diament Meblarstwa” at “Premium furniture” category. Eight layers of handwaxed, oak wood, formed in the shape of waves. Organique bed is solid, and looks also very light.

We love unconventional combinations of materials. We use them to give our products unique character. We are also open for your needs, so we can change colors or dimensions of our products just to fit your vision.

We love to play with form and different materials – this is the hallmark of our brand. Lamps covered with rust, handcrafted, multicolored glass table lamps and shingle floor lamps – this is only part of our wide range of lighting.

In our offer you will find bedroom furniture: beds, nightstands, floor lamps and table lamps. You can also find coffee tables, pendant lamps, chairs, chest of drawers and interior accessories like vases, wall decorations, bowls and decorative pillows.

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