AVOCADO collection

gentle light encased in delicate form

Lamps resembling fruit – explore the pendant lamps series

AVOCADO is a series of pendant lamps, their subtle shapes resembling the form of the fruit from which the collection takes its name. Characterized by delicate lines and distinct forms, these lamps gently illuminate interiors, creating even, soft light that adds charm and coziness.

Adjust the light angle: minimalist AVOCADO lamps perfect for sloped ceilings

Designed to be hung not only horizontally but also at various angles and slopes, the lamps in this series are ideal for attics and rooms with sloped ceilings. Their minimalist and unconventional design makes them a perfect addition to the decor, subtly enhancing the space without overpowering it.

Choose a lamp tailored to your needs

The AVOCADO collection offers two lamp sizes that can be used individually or in sets. There are also three finishing options. Two models feature a wood texture, one made from oak wood covered with brown oil (darker model) and the other from durable plywood carefully coated with white oil (lighter model). The surface of the third model is crafted from rusted metal.

Discover the harmony of light with AVOCADO pendant lamps

The precisely engraved plexiglass used in AVOCADO lamps evenly diffuses light. As a result, these lamps emit a strong beam of light that is also pleasing to the eye, eliminating unpleasant glares and reflections.

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