BAROQUE collection

unique lighting collection in the spirit of Baroque mysticism

Baroque art in your home: explore the BAROQUE lighting collection

The BAROQUE lighting collection is inspired by Baroque art, characterized by dynamic forms, theatrical compositions, and deep colors. Designers have translated the spirit of Baroque into the shapes and colors of lamps, bringing depth and mystery to interiors.


Baroque colors immersed in glass chandeliers

BAROQUE lamps and chandeliers are a painterly fusion of colors submerged in hand-blown glass: from mysterious grays, through warm shades of honey, amber, topaz, and magma, to the elegant transparency.

BAROQUE lighting: attention to every detail

Within the BAROQUE collection, there are picturesque pendant lamps, multi-element expressive chandeliers, and monumental floor lamps. All made with a focus on details. Intensely colored glass shades are suspended on cords with black textile covers. Additionally, each individually shaped shade is adorned with the hand-stamped Gie El logo, signifying the product’s authenticity and uniqueness.

Contemporary lamps and chandeliers in a Baroque atmosphere

Thanks to their minimalist glass form, BAROQUE lamps and chandeliers stand out as intriguing details in contemporary interiors. Imagine this picturesque collection in your space. Feel how the beautiful, warm light surrounds you.

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