BIRDS collection

modern lighting collection telling a story of steel, geometry, and dynamism

Characterful lighting: discover BIRD lamps and chandeliers

The BIRDS collection combines the raw beauty of steel with geometry and dynamism. BIRD lamps are like birds captured in flight, simultaneously energetic and harmonious. They evoke emotions and make the space they inhabit truly unique.

Designer lighting covered in rust

Although lamps and chandeliers are available in various compositions and color variants, the RUST BIRD models covered in raw rust have gained the greatest popularity among customers. Rusty metal is also one of the favorite materials of Gie El designers.

“Rust is the new gold,” says architect Jacek Rypuła, describing the lamp creation process: “We achieve the rusty coating in cooperation with nature. Thin metal sheets are exposed to atmospheric conditions. We allow nature to act and leave its mark on the product. Each time slightly different, subtly changed, depending on the prevailing weather conditions outside. After obtaining the rusty surface, the material is protected with a clear, matte coating, allowing it to be confidently used indoors without staining or crumbling.”

BIRDS: interior trend of 2023

BIRDS is the most popular lighting collection of the Gie El brand. Customers who appreciate good Polish design and unique forms turn to lamps and chandeliers from this series.

Original lamps created in Poland

BIRD lamps and chandeliers, like all other products of the brand, are entirely manufactured in Poland. They utilize modern technological capabilities, being laser-cut from thin metal sheets. Subsequently, they undergo machine bending and are manually assembled with the appropriate electrical components.

Impressive lighting for modern interiors

The BIRDS lighting collection will find its perfect place in modern and spacious interiors. The dynamic steel composition of BIRD, combined with materials such as concrete, raw stone, natural wood, or glass, gives spaces a unique character.

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