BUBBLES collection

minimalism and fleeting moments

Modern lighting inspired by warm summer rain

The lamps and chandeliers from the BUBBLES series capture the ephemeral nature of moments and the variability of the natural world. They evoke the feeling of warm summer rain, morning dew on soft grass, or the gentle sea breeze. Air bubbles within their structure absorb the bulb’s color, diffusing light and creating golden reflections. Due to their transparency, BUBBLES lighting envelops the interior in warmth and radiance.

BUBBLES lamps and chandeliers: perfect for every space

The lighting collection BUBBLES consists of lamps and chandeliers with organic shapes and a modern design. The versatility of these lamps opens up a wide range of composition possibilities. BUBBLES lamps and chandeliers are designed to fit spaces of various sizes and styles. They work wonderfully in dining rooms, living rooms, stairwells, but also in commercial spaces such as restaurants and hotels. In each of these spaces, they intrigue with their simplicity, form, and lightness.

The fleeting nature enclosed in a chandelier

The collection of minimalist yet highly expressive BUBBLES chandeliers was created with inspiration from nature. “Creating this product, we looked towards the ephemeral moments. We observed the morning dew and bubbles in foamy water. We worked on translating this perception into the product. Hence, the organic shape of the glass shades and the air bubbles trapped within,” says the designer, Maria Rypuła.

Lighting crafted in Poland with attention to detail

All models of lamps and chandeliers from the BUBBLES series are handcrafted in Poland. The thick glass shades with incredible air bubbles inside are blown and shaped by Polish glassmakers based on the original design by Maria and Jacek Rypuła, designers, and founders of the Gie El brand. Each shade is signed with a subtle mark of the brand, confirming its authenticity and the designers’ commitment to details.

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