CLOUDS collection

clouds of softness in your interior

CLOUDS lighting: softness of clouds, power of art

The lighting from the CLOUDS series resembles clouds drifting in the summer sky, gently hovering over the space. The soft and extraordinary shapes of the glass shades turn them into sculptures suspended in the air. The interplay of light and shadow on the surfaces of CLOUDS lamps is a true spectacle, highlighting their unique artistic character.

CLOUDS lamps and chandeliers – modern lighting in the form of clouds

The CLOUDS collection consists of a pendant lamp resembling a single cloud, chandeliers connecting shades of various sizes and similar forms, and smaller and larger table lamps on minimalist bases made of natural wood. The individual elements of the collection can be combined to create tailor-made, inspiring light compositions.

CLOUDS collection: inspiring shapes, amazing light

Lamps from the CLOUDS series stand out with their incredible form – beautiful and delicate. These lamps freeze in space like clouds in the tranquil summer sky. Thanks to well-designed light sources, they become hanging sculptures – delicate yet monumental, truly one-of-a-kind.

Consciously crafted lamps and chandeliers in Poland

The unexpected and soft forms of the glass shades were conceived in the minds of Maria and Jacek Rypuła, the founders of the Gie El brand, and brought to life by experienced Polish glassmakers. The CLOUDS collection, like all other collections of the brand, is entirely made in Poland, out of respect for nature and local craftsmen.

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