elements collection

ethereal sculptures suspended in space

Chandeliers resembling sculptures

ELEMENTS is a decorative lighting collection that, like a sculpture, floats in space. The chandeliers in this series reflect the fleeting nature of vegetation in a minimalist, raw form. Steel geometric objects, suspended on thin wires, tell the story of leaves whirling in the wind, frozen in stillness.

The art of light: ELEMENTS chandeliers

Chandeliers from the ELEMENTS series are another work of functional art in the Gie El brand’s offerings. They are distinguished by their dynamic composition, unconventional material, and dozens of geometric elements that wonderfully shimmer, reflecting warm light. This is an extraordinary choice that gives the interior a unique character.

ELEMENTS: chandeliers tailored to your needs

The ELEMENTS collection consists of 32 chandelier models. They differ in composition, the number of elements, and colors. Customers can choose from three colors: white, gold, and the most popular – rusty. The rusty finish is achieved through a natural rusting process and is protected so that it doesn’t crumble or stain.

Modern lighting covered in… rust

Rusty chandeliers are not only the most common choice among customers but also one of the favorite materials of Maria and Jacek Rypuła, founders and designers of Gie El. “Rust is the new gold,” comments Jacek Rypuła, adding: “We allow nature to act and leave its mark on the product. Each time slightly different, subtly changed, depending on the prevailing weather conditions outside.”

Unique design in your home

Each chandelier from the ELEMENTS series contains a subtle laser-cut element with the Gie El logo, showcasing not only the originality of the design but also the brand’s commitment to production in Poland. Appreciated by customers who value good design and unique forms, this is another product in the Gie El collection that cannot be ignored.

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