Gie El chandeliers at the XVI European Economic Congress

The European Economic Congress – a key event in Central Europe

The European Economic Congress stands as the largest business gathering in Central Europe, serving as an open forum for economic discourse and drawing authorities from the realms of business, politics, science, and media.

From May 7th to 9th, 17,000 participants and 1,200 speakers convened in Katowice to discuss about the trends and challenges shaping the European economy across 180 thematic sessions. Within the impressive interior of the Katowice International Congress Center, an exhibition space showcased the radiant brilliance of Gie El’s chandeliers.

Respect Energy x Gie El

At Gie El, we love original approaches to space arrangement, so we gladly accepted the invitation from Respect Energy, the main sponsor of the EEC, to co-create the ENLIGHTENMENT 4.0 pavilion, referring to the age of reason and knowledge as well as the fourth industrial revolution.

The pavilion space was designed to envelop the Congress guests with unique objects of utility art, illuminated by mood lighting that literally “enlightens” and encourages discussions about the future world powered by 100% green energy.

Galactic lightscape emphasizing brand characteristics and values

The lighting installation designed for Respect Energy is a concept of a luminous universe. At the center of the galaxy is the spiral chandelier VERDE 10, which connects with constellations of handcrafted, glass lamps with organic shapes from the BUBBLES and OCEAN collections. The galactic lightscape creates an aura of inspiration and enlightenment.

This concept emphasizes the shared characteristics and values of both brands: vision, care for the natural environment, and innovation. It’s a space where clean, green energy and the latest technologies intersect with bespoke lighting installations consciously made in Poland.

We are pleased that together with Respect Energy, we were able to create an inspiring space for conversations and the exchange of ideas.

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