Gie El’s lamps and chandeliers

What is the difference between a chandelier and a lamp?
The main difference between a chandelier and a lamp is the size and the number of light sources. The chandelier is usually larger, consists of several elements and has more than one light source. A lamp usually consists of a single lampshade and a single light source.

Can I receive samples for my project?
Yes, we work with samples. Contact us so we know what kind of material you need. We will send you free samples as quick as possible.

What kind of projects do you create chandeliers for?
We work on private and commercial interiors. We like spaces that are unusual, out of the ordinary. Those that need well-designed lighting. Most often we create chandeliers for high spaces with flat and sloping ceilings, for staircases, lobby spaces, restaurants, clinics, medical centers and over reception counters.

Which chandelier should I choose for a modern living room?
Gie El lighting is created for modern spaces, but the choice of a specific chandelier is an individual matter. It depends, among other things, on the character, color and size of the room.

What chandeliers are fashionable now?
When designing our chandeliers, we pay attention to ensure that they have a timeless character. We recommend the same approach to our clients equipping properties and choosing lighting. Chandeliers made of materials such as hand-blown glass, natural wood, raw rock crystals or metal are and will always be a good choice.

Will the lamp provide enough light in the interior?
Gie El lamps are primarily decorative lighting, creating a mood and giving the appropriate atmosphere. However, often our lamps can easily take on the role of main lighting. Contact us so we can consult how our lighting fits your project.

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