INDUSTRIAL collection

unique industrial lighting

The INDUSTRIAL lighting collection: raw style in a new light

INDUSTRIAL lamps are a fusion of raw materials, simple form, and artisanal craftsmanship. The INDUSTRIAL lighting collection breaks stereotypes, deviating from conventional styles, and captivates with its boldness.


INDUSTRIAL lamps: modern design, traditional craftsmanship

A common feature of all lamps in the INDUSTRIAL collection is the use of authentic metal alloys such as copper, cast iron, and steel. Metal tubes, connected by small elements like elbows and tees, are adorned with subtle details in the form of embossed numerical markings, confirming the handmade nature of the product and showcasing Gie El’s attention to detail.

Diverse options of industrial lamps

The INDUSTRIAL collection includes pendant lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces, differing in size, the type of metal used, and construction. There are also lamps wrapped in textile lampshades or finished with exposed Edison-style bulbs, adding style to the interior and introducing soft decorative light.

Emphasize the interior character: INDUSTRIAL lamps for style connoisseurs

Lamps from the INDUSTRIAL collection serve as a striking accent and noticeable element of interior decor not only when the light is on but also during the day. The INDUSTRIAL lighting was created with raw, industrial-style interiors in mind. Thanks to the use of natural metal alloys, lamps in this series bring a unique charm to interiors, maturing over time.

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