MESH collection

futuristic lighting for characterful interiors

Uniting nature with modernity

In the world of Gie El lighting, a visionary collection of lamps and chandeliers made from steel mesh has emerged. The MESH collection, created by the talented design duo Maria and Jacek Rypuła, pays tribute to the forms found in nature. Its horizontal and vertical shapes form organic structures that, combined with the texture of the mesh and LED lighting, create an extraordinary, futuristic effect.

MESH: modern form, dreamlike composition

The unique collection of MESH lamps and chandeliers is the result of inspiration drawn from steel mesh. The designers saw creative potential in this material: “Designing is a process that has its beginnings and endings. These two points suspended in spacetime are difficult to define. The first encounter with the mesh planted a slowly maturing design idea in the mind, which eventually gained clarity and matured for action,” says designer Jacek Rypuła.

Lighting collection with an artistic spirit

Lamps and chandeliers from the MESH series are sculptural pieces of functional art that float in the air on thin wires, infusing interiors with an artistic atmosphere. The light emanating from within the mesh softly spreads across its woven structure, surprising with a theatrical play of light and shadow. The MESH collection may not suit every interior due to its futuristic character, but it thrives in minimalist spaces, allowing MESH lighting to take the center stage.

Unique chandelier for your interior

The MESH series comprises several variants, differing in the number and arrangement of elements, available in two color options: gold – created from a mesh composed of copper, zinc, and phosphorus alloy, and silver – made from a weave of thin stainless steel threads. It’s worth noting that these lamps are produced on a small scale, making each piece unique. Each one is the result of craftsmanship and the passion of the creators, who pour their hearts into their designs.

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