OCEAN collection

the majesty of the ocean immersed in glass

Lighting inspired by the depth of the ocean

The OCEAN lighting collection captures the depth and majesty of oceanic waters. It is sculptural, impenetrable, and painterly. Air bubbles submerged in turquoise glass lend a sense of airiness to the composition, while tiny specks create a unique narrative about ocean currents.


Craftsmanship from a Polish design studio

All glass shades in the OCEAN collection were meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Poland, following the original design by Maria and Jacek Rypuła, the founders of the Gie El brand. Each shade bears a glass, hand-etched “seal” with the logo, signifying Gie El’s quality and adding an elegant detail.

OCEAN lamps and chandeliers: picturesque reflections, unique shapes

All lamps elegantly filter light, creating picturesque reflections inspired by oceanic hues. The smooth texture of the glass, the subtle turquoise shade, and the delicate, organic forms make the OCEAN series lamps bring harmony to any interior. Thanks to their unique shapes, some lamps evoke fleeting water droplets, while others resemble dancing jellyfish in the water.

The OCEAN lighting collection: lamps and chandeliers for minimalist interiors

The OCEAN collection features both multi-element chandeliers, single pendant lamps, and picturesque table lamps. However, due to its distinctive color palette, this collection may not suit every interior. It is best suited for spaces dominated by minimalism and muted colors. It caters to individuals expecting unconventional and elegant solutions, placing a special emphasis on the quality of interior furnishings.

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