PAFIL collection

glass lamps and chandeliers in an impressionistic style

PAFIL: lamps and chandeliers resembling artworks

PAFIL lamps and chandeliers captivate with a multitude of subtle shades and pastel colors. The glass shades of these lamps resemble impressionistic works of art, delicately brushed by an artist’s hand. Thanks to their plasticity and color palette, the PAFIL lighting collection becomes a charming interior decoration at any time of day, filling the room with soft, pleasant light after dark.

Create a unique space with the PAFIL lighting collection

The floral color palette in the PAFIL collection, along with the subtle, irregular distribution of colors on the glass, creates the impression of an impressionistic landscape of a blooming meadow. PAFIL chandeliers and lamps possess an artistic spirit. They were created for people who like to surround themselves with objects that are something more. Each shade contains emotions, feelings, and beauty.

Unique lighting handcrafted in Poland

The PAFIL collection of lamps and chandeliers owes its name to the material from which it is made: a glass called Pafil, hand-dyed using pastel colors and a tremendous sensitivity to the final effect. Each shade is hand-blown in Poland by talented craftsmen and delicately marked with the subtle Gie El logo according to the founders’ original design – Maria and Jacek Rypuła.

Exceptional lamps for your home

The PAFIL collection consists of hanging lamps with simple yet surprising shapes, floor lamps where the base is made of Pafil glass, and bulbs are surrounded by minimalist textile shades, as well as artistically composed chandeliers that add uniqueness to any interior they are placed in. Invite these unique lamps from the PAFIL series into your space.

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