PASTELS collection

colorful lamps bringing joy to interiors

Enchanting PASTELS lighting collection

PASTELS is a whimsical and cheerful collection of lamps and chandeliers created for people who dislike boredom and value the energy of life. Picturesque colors, delicate forms, and the finesse of tinted glass delight the eye during the day, and after dusk, they emit gentle light in a pleasant, warm hue.  

Energetic PASTELS lamps: positive energy in your interior

The thoughtfully composed PASTELS lighting collection carries a hidden smile that it eagerly shares. Dreamy yet delicate shapes of glass shades evoke images of balloons made of bubblegum and chalices of fairy-tale flowers.

PASTELS lamps and chandeliers: discover the world of pastels

Glass lamps from the PASTELS collection are available in pastel shades of white, blue, and pink. All these colors blend harmoniously in the whimsical chandeliers of the same collection, available in three different sizes. The compositions’ forms are characterized by lightness and finesse, influencing the chandeliers’ artistic expression.

A lighting collection bringing warmth to your home

The enchantingly positive hues of the PASTELS lamp and chandelier collection weave an energizing tale of joy and lightness within your interior. Meanwhile, the warm and gentle light embraces the space after dark. The collection responds to the need to furnish interiors in an original way, creating positive emotions and an awareness of well-crafted space.

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