Chandelier UNDER_D LGH1093

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Chandelier UNDER_D is a composition designed from smaller modules of UNDER chandeliers. It consists of 18 glass shades, their shades of turquoise green blending with the colorless ones. All shades are filled with air bubbles trapped in a thick layer of real glass. The chandelier composition is complemented by seagull-like, broken triangles in a creamy shade, completing the whole.

19600 20580 



Maria and Jacek Rypuła

Architects and designers. Founders of the Gie El brand. Visionaries of light and sculptural forms. Creators of original chandeliers and light installations. They bring emotions and stories hidden in the unique forms of lamps into the interior.

Author’s cooperation:Author’s cooperation: Wiktoria Juszczyk, Mariusz Kałuża, Karolina Kubala, Patrycja Mazelanik, Agata Ogaza, Bogusława Powalska

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