RAIN collection

elegant lamps crafted from noble slate

RAIN: phenomenal lamp collection utilizing natural material

RAIN is a collection of lamps crafted from natural slate. The compositions of RAIN lamps consist of elongated tiles suspended in the air, resembling streaks of rain. The irregular structure of the slate imparts a monumental and elegant character to the lamps.

RAIN lamp collection: the majestic charm of slate

The designers and founders of the Gie El brand, Maria and Jacek Rypuła, often incorporate natural yet unconventional materials into their designs. This time, slate captivated their imagination – a material that is beautiful and noble, sourced from sedimentary rocks formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Its structure reveals layers, intricacies, and a unique ornamentation crafted by nature’s hand. The inspiration from slate led to the creation of the phenomenal RAIN lamp collection.

Elegant, handcrafted slate lamps

RAIN lamps are meticulously handcrafted from trimmed, elongated slate tiles. Creating tiles that look just right is possible only through the use of a special stone-splitting guillotine, which gives the lamps their natural, split character. The composition of the tiles is crucial, hanging in the air like a geometrical, black rain cloud.

RAIN Lamps: perfect choice for hotels or restaurants

The stone curtain of RAIN lamps limits the dispersion of light sideways, directing its flow downwards. Therefore, these lamps work exceptionally well above dining tables or hotel reception areas. They fit seamlessly wherever subtle beauty with a distinctive yet natural character is required.

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