"Rust is new gold" - designers turn rust into art with mesmerizing lamps

Redefining design with rusted elegance

Innovative designers are always pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination, and avant-garde Gie El¬†is no¬†exception. Their flagship product, designed by¬†Maria RypuŇāa, a¬†sculptural chandelier that defies conventions, is turning heads and capturing hearts. The brand is all about authenticity, with their creations featuring real rusted metal and a¬†commitment to¬†the principles of Slow Design.

Designing with authenticity

According to¬†Maria, ‚Äúthere‚Äôs no¬†place for imitation and pretending. We¬†want authenticity.‚ÄĚ She stresses the importance of taking design seriously, without resorting to¬†cheap imitations or¬†kitsch. This philosophy is reflected in¬†the mesmerising chandeliers.

The chandeliers created from rust are stunning, with geometric triangular tiles and mesmerising forms that reflect the light. They are works of art that encourage viewers to contemplate and appreciate the beauty of real objects in their natural state. The vision of Gie El’s designers is to create objects that inspire and evoke emotion, and the rust chandeliers are a perfect example of this philosophy.

The first collection to use natural rust in lighting was the steel BIRDS collection. The geometric objects, reminiscent of birds captured in flight, with their rust-coloured finish blend perfectly with modern interiors and natural materials such as stone, wood and glass.

Another proposal that makes use of rust, is the ELEMENTS collection. The chandeliers in this series are extraordinary works of art that depict leaves lifting in the wind and falling in a modern way. See the ELEMENTS collection of rust chandeliers.

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