SHINGLE collection

wooden lamps blending tradition with modernity

SHINGLE – modern lamps inspired by architectural tradition

The SHINGLE lamp collection harnesses the potential of the beautiful and natural material that is wood. These lamps are crafted from traditionally made shingles, once used for roofing. The combination of shingles and a light source creates a modern and unique composition for spaces with character, all while paying homage to architectural traditions.

Exceptional handcrafted lamps made in Poland

Lamps from the SHINGLE collection are meticulously handcrafted in Poland. The process of creating these lamps is intricate and time-consuming: wood is split to obtain individual shingle boards that, as they dry, naturally take on a slightly curved shape. Each shingle is carefully Wybierzed and coated with natural wax, conserving the wood and highlighting its natural texture. In the final stages, the boards are assembled together and connected to the lighting fixtures.

Wooden SHINGLE lamps for unique interiors

The finished SHINGLE lamps take on a distinctive shape resembling a pinecone (and are often referred to as such). They boast a natural and unique form, making them suitable for interiors that demand exceptional accents. Designers often choose lamps from this collection for unconventional spaces that break away from conventional norms.

The beauty of wood illuminated by bulbs

In the SHINGLE collection, you can find pendant lamps in three sizes, as well as floor lamps enriched with a genuine copper tube and crowned with a textile lampshade, creating warm natural light when the bulb is switched on, illuminating the space beautifully.

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