The atmosphere of the hotel is created by light

First impression

You can make a good first impression only once. Entering the hotel, the guests absorb and perceive the aura of the surroundings with all their senses. Music is important, the smell is important, the sound of the floor, temperature and interior colors are important. The lighting, the form of lamps or light installations, as well as the color of the spreading light, are also important. All this builds the perfect aura that guests perceive completely subconsciously in the fractions of the first seconds of contact with the hotel interior. And it is before they will be welcomed by the smiling faces of hotel staff. Yes, the first impression can only be made once.

Climate created by the light

Designing hotel lighting and Wybierzing the right assortment is a skill that results in creating a proper atmosphere, and allows guests to move around the facility harmoniously and ergonomically, using specific spaces. Each hotel, regardless of the class or level of finish, should be prepared for different needs of its guests, such as harmonious rest, the need for concentration, work or physical activity. We need different light in the morning, different light at dusk, and completely different light in the middle of the night. Each of them has its own specific function and influences the Guests in a specific way. It stimulates or calms, tonifies or activates, relaxes or promotes action.

Boutique brand

Gie El is a brand that specializes in creating lighting and lighting installations that are designed to evoke emotions. Lamps located in hotel open spaces, lobbies or restaurants are elements that aim at establishing emotional contact with guests, building the identity of the hotel and increasing the aesthetic value of the interior. For years, the designers of the Gie El brand have been doing just that by enriching hotel spaces, offering intriguing highly sculptural form products.

Modern lighting created out od emotions

The wide range of possibilities of our European brand allows you to create installations from various materials, including hand-formed glass, natural wood, metal or architectural meshes. Regardless of the material chosen, emotions are the main binder of any lighting installation. Everything follows the principle that the outside is a reflection of the inside. Gie El creates out of emotions in order to convey emotions to hotel users and guests, influence their positive reception and remember the place as attractive, friendly as well as unique.

Functional sculptures as a decoration of beautiful interiors

Lighting in the lobby is created by functional sculptures. The lighting installations designed for hotel interiors are creations, small works of art. Their task is to influence emotions. These are beautiful sculptures, the added value of which is the ability to illuminate the interior. Each sculpture is an art form, carrying a specific message and influencing the recipient in a specific way. Their purpose is to evoke specific emotions, sometimes extremely different. Having a chastening effect, inspiring, creating a space for contemplation and reflection. This is the way that Gie El designs its lighting installations and modern chandeliers. The brand’s designers try to raise the light form to the rank of art, offering hotels and restaurants products that are functional sculptures.

In search of beauty

What is the process of working with lighting in the hotel? Regardless of whether the interior of your project is designed for you by interior designers or you are responsible for rearrangement on your own, the Gie El brand creates a common space for working together. The rich portfolio of the brand allows you to reach for many modern products that can be adapted to various spaces. Our brand offers services of adapting almost each of the chandeliers offered to the needs of the interior, including changes in dimensions, and even colors or materials. For those looking for unique details, the solution is to create a trendy lighting installation tailored to one’s needs.
Jacek RypuŇāa, co-founder and chief designer of the Gie El brand, says that ‚Äúwe love working with sensitive people who are looking for non-standard solutions. We care about being a worthy and trusted partner for our clients. We focus on building relationships and we always have a handful of fresh ideas with which we love to furnish the interior. ‚Äú

Sustainable offer

The Gie El brand focuses on sustainable design and conscious production. All products are designed and crafted locally in order to deliver them to interiors looking for a unique character, far from mass mediocrity and repetition. Gie El offers custom creations for those looking for unique and exceptional lighting.
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