UNDER collection

chandeliers bringing harmony to interiors

UNDER: lighting that takes you beneath the surface of water

The UNDER collection emerged from contemplating water and what lies beneath its surface. Shades made of turquoise and clear glass filled with air bubbles, boasting organic shapes, float in space, resembling a dance of water. Light passing through them creates reflections and streaks, introducing harmony and tranquility into interiors.

Inspiring chandeliers: air bubbles encased in glass shades

The UNDER chandeliers consist of naturally rounded glass shades in various sizes and two intermingling colors: mesmerizing turquoise and subtle transparency reminiscent of water. Thick, genuine glass encases air bubbles, giving it a sense of weightlessness. The chandeliers’ compositions are complemented by creamy triangular elements floating like seagulls. The UNDER collection comprises modules that offer vast compositional possibilities. They can be combined freely, forming extraordinary, dynamic connections.

UNDER collection: magic of light and water in your Interior

“What caught our attention and presented a challenge in creating the UNDER collection was how light emerges from within the shade,” say the designers and founders of the Gie El brand, Maria and Jacek Rypuła. “Our experience working with light translates into seeking new forms and compositions it creates with light. We pay attention to how light behaves within the interior, the interaction it engages in. UNDER is a subtle composition that, aside from its sculptural character, unleashes its full potential when the chandelier lights up,” they add.

Chandeliers inspired by water, handcrafted in Poland

Manual production and artisanal character are hallmark features of the brand. The UNDER collection, like all other Gie El products, was entirely produced in Poland. Glass shades are created in traditional furnaces heated to thousands of degrees, then shaped by talented craftsmen by hand. The UNDER chandelier collection is a proposition for individuals who are sensitive, seeking a unique perspective on interior furnishings.

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