Chandelier like a cloud over the Baltic Sea

extraordinary project in a villa in Krakow

Imagine a modern house with a swimming pool

You hear the soothing sound of water, in the air, there is a pleasant scent reminiscent of a spa, you feel the enveloping warmth, but what do you see? Our clients envisioned a Polish beach. And on that beach, a chandelier in the form of a cloud.

Swimming pool inspired by a Polish beach

“The client really liked the material and the cloud’s form,” recounts Maria Rypuła, creator and co-founder of Gie El. “In her home, there is a pool, and everything in that pool area resembles a Polish beach. The tiles beautifully mimic the horizon line. There are two small wooden cottages: one is a sauna, and the other is a shower area. And on this beach, light was needed, and the client is a very creative person and felt this cloud there, on that beach, above the water.”

Light installation resembling a stratocumulus cloud

The inspiration for the cloud-like chandelier came from the MESH lighting collection, created from a delicate steel mesh. In response to the clients’ needs, a chandelier with altered form and dimensions was designed. The LED strip used in the MESH collection was replaced with three delicate bulbs with a warm temperature and low intensity. As a result, a chandelier resembling a stratocumulus cloud was created, a sculpture made of steel mesh in a very delicate, fanciful form with subtle, ambient light inside.

Pool deviating from hotel-style design 

Przemysław Frankowicz, the architect responsible for the villa’s interior design, explains, “The investors were keen on avoiding a hotel-like interior. Consequently, they wanted to steer clear of typical lighting. They did not want LED strips and straightforward fixtures. Everything was supposed to suggest something. We were looking for an extraordinary fixture that would create a light atmosphere, allowing the investors to relax, but not in the classical way one thinks of a SPA. Instead, it needed to be in a way that is close to their hearts. The chandelier met my expectations, and in the pool area, we achieved the effect I was aiming for.”

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