MYSTERY collection

modern elegance in chandeliers

Chandeliers from the MYSTERY collection embody the magic of light entwined with unconventional materials: raw mountain crystals from the GENIUS series and irregular emerald glass from the VERDE series. These stone wonders illuminate the space, creating mesmerizing, unique installations that seem to freeze in motion.

Elegance in detail: Hypnotic chandeliers with natural mountain crystals

To create the elegant MYSTERY chandelier collection, designer Maria Rypuła was inspired by the raw form of mountain crystals: “I thought it was an interesting material. However, when I shone a flashlight from my smartphone on it, I was amazed. It was like a culinary combination of two ingredients. Both are good individually, but only when combined, we get a surprisingly exceptional taste. The same was true for the combination of light and crystal. The way light penetrates through mountain crystal is hypnotic. I knew we were facing an incredible challenge in creating a modern chandelier.”

This led to the creation of the GENIUS chandeliers, named after the Latin word for “spirit”. These chandeliers earned their name due to the subtlety and lightness that the light emanating from within the crystals brings.

Extravagant chandeliers with broken glass

When the mountain crystal chandeliers captured the hearts of customers and found their place in modern interiors, designers Maria and Jacek Rypuła prepared another version of the collection: VERDE. This time, dozens of smaller and larger fragments of unprocessed, broken glass in deep emerald hue were used to scatter light.

Atmospheric lighting for modern spaces

Thanks to the use of natural, raw crystals and unprocessed broken glass, GENIUS and VERDE chandeliers from the MYSTERY collection perfectly complement minimalist and modern interiors. They are an ideal choice for those who decorate spaces with attention to detail and sensitivity to the materials used. The stones suspended in the chandeliers emit light reminiscent of the starry night sky – some more intensely, others more subtly. This composition turns the chandelier into a sculpture, designed to create an atmosphere and introduce soft, enveloping light into interiors. The MYSTERY collection was created to bring beauty and a mysterious aura into spaces. It’s impossible to remain indifferent to these modern chandeliers.

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