GENIUS 2 chandelier LGH0862

Order processing time: 4-6 weeks

GENIUS 2 is an elegant chandelier crafted from over 30 raw mountain crystals with organic shapes. The composition of the chandelier was meticulously designed to position the largest crystals at the bottom, while the smaller, lighter ones appear to float like dandelion seeds in the air. The light emanating from within these crystals creates an incomparable ambiance.

8390 Z┼ü9020 Z┼ü



Maria and Jacek Rypuła

Architects and designers. Founders of the Gie El brand. Visionaries of light and sculptural forms. Creators of original chandeliers and light installations. They bring emotions and stories hidden in the unique forms of lamps into the interior.

Author’s cooperation:Author’s cooperation: Anna Przyby┼é

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