MYSTERY collection

The chandeliers from the MYSTERY collection are a mesmerizing tale of light intermingling with unexpected materials: raw mountain crystals (GENIUS chandeliers) and irregular green glass

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UNDER collection

The UNDER collection is designed to convey what lies beneath the water’s surface. Shades made of turquoise and clear glass filled with air bubbles in

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ELEMENTS collection

ELEMENTS is a unique sculptural lighting collection that captures the fleeting nature of vegetation in a modern, raw rendition. Steel objects suspended on thin wires

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BIRDS collection

The BIRDS collection encapsulates the rawness of steel within the geometry of broken planes. Modern BIRD lamps are like birds in flight, harmonious and dynamic

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MESH collection

The MESH collection is a visionary series of modern chandeliers composed of organic-shaped mesh, available in gold and silver versions. The distinctive, theatrical backlighting of

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